Choo + Ugg

So Ugg Australia and Jimmy Choo have decided to join forces to make higher end ladies sheepskin footwear. I’m not too sure what the boots will look like from this unlikely and creative pairing, but Jimmy Choo recently lent it’s name and style to Hunter Wellingtons and the collaboration resulted in not so bad looking mud stompers (as I call them). I’m a wearer of Uggs, and I do admit they are not the most attractive shoe around, despite their comfort. It’ll certainly be interesting to see what they come up with. I’m having bad visions of a strappy sandal lined in sheep fur.

And the shoes above, are killing me. Must have.
Oh, and my most hated colour combo is pink and red. Logically I know if it’s done right it can look good, but my eyes just hate it. However, here it is a nice pair, the red is very red and the pink is very pink, it’s like the pink is echoing the red and vice-versa … I’m just rambling now, never mind.


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