Reaching Too Far


Lady GaGa influencing fashion? I highly doubt it. The bubble dress she “created” was strikingly similar to a Chalayan design shown years before hers. Some claim to see her influence in Gaultier‘s and Lacroix‘s legless body suits and hooded blouses, but those were around long before this woman came along (see Martin Margiela a few seasons back). Sure she seems very adventurous in her fashion choices, but pretending to be authentic and recycling the work of others is everything but original. In my opinion she’s the biggest copy of Róisín Murphy out there.

Perhaps if she acknowledged where she draws from people might understand her style. Maybe we’re not supposed to understand her style, I get that …  But to say that she somehow has this big pull on fashion is just reaching too far.

Those pink lace up plastic boot things she always wears and the Kermit jacket, wtf.

GaGa’s Influence [Style File]


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